What is Adsense and how get fast approval

Google AdSense is an advertising platform. With the account of google adsense we can generate revenue through our website or blog. This is something that many people know. But getting an AdSense account approved is not easy. Many people think that. But it is very easy to get AdSense account approval. Of course it’s easier for us to get an AdSense account if we follow Google’s rules. We know Google is one of the largest advertising companies in the world. AdSense pays 68% commission to people who publish something different from other digital marketing companies. Therefore, it can be said that AdSense is a huge authority in this field. So in this blog we will look at how to create a Adsense account and what we need to do to get account approval. The first way to get an AdSense account is to first create a blog and then add some great content. Many of my friends have applied for an AdSense account but have not received it. But they got it when they obeyed Google’s guidelines very much. We know that ads will be displayed in different countries so you get different revenue by publishing ads.

Start blogging through blogger.com

Blogger.com is a very useful website for a beginner, which will make it easier for a beginner to start a blog. Let’s first look at how to create a blog with the help of blogger.com. Every job has its own difficulties and hardships. It’s the same with blogging. Don’t think that building a blog can generate a lot of traffic and money within days. It’s true that you can make money through blogging. But in the early days of blogging, my opinion it is not possible. I will write later about how blogging can generate revenue. That is the most important thing in our attempt.

One thing I’m often noticed is that many people post a bit of content after starting a blog or a website and then wait a few days and then going from blogging without patience, if do not get the best traffic as well as the best rank on Google.That was a bad decision. As in any other field, hard work is the key to our success here. The first thing we need to work with a dedicated mind. Start a blog with the goal of making it to the top rankings on Google. After starting a website blog today, it would be foolish to think that the next day it give a lot of traffic or a lot of people visiting our website. We can only get our website up and running if we wait months, sometimes years. It is important to present the best content in a way that people can understand. We’ll definitely be able to attract more visitors to our website if we can do that .Google always wants new content and it should make in quality. Our website will be in a good place when once it is useful to the readers. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Then comes search engine optimization and link building. The first thing we need is a blog with great content. So we can create a blog with the help of blogger.com. So step by step we can learn other things. One thing to understand is that a blog created by blogger.com has an address called blogspot.com.we need to do when deciding to start a blog on blogger.com is to find out what topic we can write about best. Each person has different abilities. Just as one is different from another, so are their different abilities. Some may be able to write well literature. Others may be able to write in more technical things. So you need to write based on a topic that you know well about. Then you need to find a suitable name for the blog. For example, if I have a lot of knowledge about plants and flowers, I can probably write about them in a very good way. You need to create a blog to write about that topic. The blog should given a good name when it is create. Blogger.com allows us to create blogs for free.

Creating a blog with Blogger is easy, all we need is an email id and a password. Blogger is a website wholly owned by Google. That is why we have so many advantages. There are also minor disadvantages. The main advantage we get when we create a blog with Blogger is that even those with very little technical knowledge can build a blog, even if we don’t have a hosting facility to host a website. Blogger has the ability to handle many visitors come to our blog for free. blogspot.com works on Google’s high security systems, so if you do not have any fears that our blog will be hacked by anyone.

How to start a blog

How to build a blog or website? This has been bothering me for years. It was a great desire. Later I myself learned about it in depth. That’s when I realized the infinite possibilities of blogging. I want to share it with you. No doubt it will benefit you too. Maybe you came here with the same desire as me. So I would be very happy if my experience would be helpful to you.

Many people who are interested in blogging do it as a hobby and as a way to spend some time but there are some areas in the blogging that we do not understand, one of which is the income that can be earned through blogging.There are a lot of people around us who are interested in blogging but many of them do not enter this field and that is why they don’t get basic technical knowledge for blogging.Through this website I would like to explain step by step to you basically where to start blogging.